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b4d59d8b6a0c03a84a5dea6fcae8e659 How to Get Multiple Links in Your Instagram Bio

Now all your links are there for easy access.


How to make a linktree on instagram. If you are looking for linktree alternatives to display multiple links from your instagram bio, there are a number of ways to do it. Tree is a tool that's very similar to a landing page. It's very straightforward to add forms and questionnaires to your linktree with the following steps.

Now that you’ve created and published your page on your website. If you have multiple links you need to post at the same time (many bloggers will come across this dilemma) use linktree to link several links in your bio at once. Linktree is a service where you can have your own “linktree page”.

You might want to use your linktree to drive your audience to complete a survey or to capture information and data. Now, on the linktree website select add a new link to add your first link and then add a name for your link. And it’s a pretty cool free tool but there are 2 reasons you shouldn’t be using linktree in your instagram bio:

Linktree for business instagram accounts is an awesome way to keep your followers engaged and to give them information that’s readily available. So you need to make it count. Make sure you link your images with the appropriate link you want, or page you want, the visitors to go to.

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Don’t get me wrong, i think linktree offers a great service for those without a website of their own. As you know, instagram only allows you to place one link in your bio. The right side of the screen displays your linktree link you will add to your instagram bio.

The app creates a linktree branded landing page for you to add multiple links to, and then you. The free version only has only a few color schemes and it will likely not be congruent with your brand so you are not creating a cohesive brand experience. You can even add a small thumbnail if you like.

Linktree log in to continue to your linktree admin sign in with instagram Linktree sign up for your linktree account email. My further recommendation is to make sure this page is not listed in your regular menu.

To do this, you’ll need to create the survey on another platform first. To make the most of your bio you’ll want to include a link to your website. It’s where the links to your blog posts are stored so that your instagram followers can find the content you posted on instagram.

The linktree concept evolved out of frustration with instagram’s one and only profile based link.while facebook, twitter and pinterest offer multiple links out of each post, instagram’s goal is to keep its users captive like characters trapped inside a snowglobe. Linktree is easy to build and takes no coding skills. This tutorial will show you how to make a landing page of multiple links and use it in your.

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Linktree is a popular 3rd party app you can use to get around the “one link” rule on instagram. Just copy the link and paste it once you have added your links. One way to leverage the “one link” in your instagram bio is use a tool like linktree to serve as a page that houses all the links you want to show someone who clicks through from instagram.

Add your custom linktree to instagram. Easily managed creating a linktree takes seconds. But what do you do when you have multiple platforms that you want to promote in your bio?

Due to instagram’s limits on clickable content, it’s important to optimize your instagram bio. It’s important to provide easy access to important things about your business, like your website and your blogs. But in my opinion, you will always be better off creating your own landing page and hosting it on your own website.

The point of this page is for people on instagram, not the general viewer on your website. Give it a short url, like and then add the link to your instagram bio. Your followers can click buttons that have the title of your blog post.

Once you added the link and name you will see in the preview section on the right. Head over to instagram and change the link in your bio to the new page you created. Seemingly, it is a great solution to only being able to use one link* on instagram *unless you have over 10k followers and have the swipe up option in stories.* but… i don’t recommend using linktree to drive traffic from instagram.

When you name your page, pick a url that is resonates. Linktree instagram links can also be banned and/or marked as spam by instagram at any time without any notice. A popular service called linktree allows you to create these instagram landing pages easily, but, while there is nothing wrong with the linktree service, it doesn’t give you all of the custom functionality and branding that you would want for a landing page to make it really good.

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Now click on the “ add new link ” to add your first link and then add a title for your link. Using linktree for questionnaires, forms and surveys. You don’t need to add this page to your site’s navigation since this is specially designed for your insta profile.

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