How To Catch Snook With Artificial Bait


That part is mostly preference. Be sure to not cast it too close or you might spook the snook.

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The best live baits for catching snook fish are grunts, sardines, shrimps, and mullet.


How to catch snook with artificial bait. Basically snook are somewhat blinded by the light and only see the bright flashes on the shiners. For night fishing, a favorite live bait is ballyhoo as even the most pressured snook find it hard to turn it down. Snook fishing off of a pier can be one of the most exhilarating types of fishing you can do.

One of the best ways to do that is to skip lures under the mangroves where the snook are waiting in ambush for an easy meal. Snook can be forceful and baits can trigger strikes from these fish just as simply energizing or enraging a fish into gnawing. Once you spot a snook, cast your live bait near where it’s hanging out or in front of where it’s swimming.

The snook would feed through the lighted area eating the shiners. Get dark & stormy now. Snook like to feed on bait fish like pinfish, whitebait, greenbacks, or pilchards.

If there is little or no tidal movement, snook often won't feed, even if you entice them with a well fished artificial lure or live bait. Shrimp are widespread bait that almost everything that eats. Counterfeit draws can be exceptionally compelling when looking for snook.

Just be careful not to spook the snook by making a lot of noise with your tackle box. You can also use a 3/0 to 4/0 if you are fishing with larger live bait. Sure, live bait is great and it catches a lot of fish, but there’s something special about lures.

In my case, i always use live shrimps when i catch snooks as i know how to bait shrimp and i can attest that they are very effective with snooks. Fishing for snook with artificial lures. Tips to catch more snook learn how to find where the snook are feeding.

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Bucktail jig is a very attractive bait for snook. They are bunched up and relatively large schools in a pretty small area. You have to be confident in your knowledge about baits so that you can select the best one.

When planning your day of fishing, look up the tides for the area and try to go when the tides are changing, ideally when the tide is coming in, as high tide gives anglers many options for finding feeding snook. Choosing the right snook lure can be tricky with so many options out there. I just don’t usually throw live bait, just as a personal preference.

How to catch summer snook on the beach posted on: Lures really have a few focal points over live bait. This is because the bait becomes live underwater and attracts the fish even from a large distance.

While artificial lures will produce, live bait works best in this situation. One of the most popular ways to catch snook at night is by fishing from a bridge or a dock with lights where snook will congregate to pounce on the prey like crustaceans and baitfish that are attracted by the light. 3 great artificial baits to catch snook, redfish, and more.

Some people would use rings or small rectangular nets to catch the shines to use for bait. If your second home is in the keys, or honestly anywhere and anytime of year. But there are a few key factors i would like to go over that i consider non negotiable when targeting summer time beach snook.

The light attracted shiners which swam around the light in a circle. If you decide to catch them yourself, there are many videos on youtube that will show you how. You can catch them yourself or just buy them at most large bait shops.

These lures have been known to even catch marlin and sailfish! If you find where the snook are feeding, you will catch a lot more fish. If you’re in the flats with the right bait, it can be like any other month for fishing.

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As we covered in our snook jigging article, the three best types of jigs are bucktail jigs, soft plastic jigs, and nylon flare jigs. To hook fiddlers, use the same 1/0 circle hook mentioned above and gently pierce the underside of the crab on one side and come out the hard shell on top. Artificial squid lures are another great choice for offshore saltwater fishing!

I only use artificial baits when i go snook fishing. Gearing up for snook fishing. Florida sportsman's 50 favorite sportfish of florida:

Live shrimp, pin fish, grunts, mullet, and large scaled sardines are the top baits. Shrimp and pilchards top the live bait list, but there are several styles of lures that fool ‘em too. There’s nothing better than using an artificial lure to hook up on a big snook.

Late spring and early summer are great times to catch a trophy snook in the passes and inlets. Here are the seven deadliest snook lures of all time. As far as artificial lures go, we really like using snook jigs when fishing for snook at night.

If the fish doesn’t show interest try recasting several times or switch bait types. You can be successful with artificial lures or a fly rod, and live bait as well. All you have to do is use this bait, and the rest of the work will be done by the jig itself!

The snook like to position themselves near cover facing moving tidal current which will bring the bait fish right to them. They add a level of art to fishing that you can’t get with anything else. I’ve caught some of my biggest snook off of a dock under a green light at night.

These shrimp lures will catch anything from red drum (aka red fish.) to snook. Snook fishing in the summer from piers. Snook have been known to strike and consume just about any kind of bait you can imagine.

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You can try to buy any of these before you catch a snook. Look for areas near mangroves, fishing pier pylons, seawalls, sunken trees, any type of cover that the snook may hide behind to allow them to be in position to pounce on their unsuspecting prey. Many anglers find that catching fish using manmade artificial lures adds flavor and challenge to the adventure of catching fish.

Snook love to run up and down the beach within a few feet of shore seeking croakers, whiting and any other fish schooling in the shallows. I’ve caught hundreds of snook this way and in this video, i’m going to show you some of my best tips so that you can do it, too. One of the best skills you can develop as an angler is the ability to find where the snook are feeding.

Do you want to catch more snook on artificial lures?

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