How To Apply Veneer On Curved Surfaces

How To Apply Veneer On Curved Surfaces

This causes the top to overlap the sides so you don't see the seam as easily. In the past builds i used contact cement to lay down the veneer, which was very easy to apply.

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Will only use 10 mil veneer on vertical surfaces and 20 mil on horizontal parts such as desk.


How to apply veneer on curved surfaces. You need to position the veneer on an adhesive coated substrate, a flat piece of wood used to help distribute the pressure evenly is placed on top of the veneer, and the three are clamped together with hydraulic or mechanical veneer press clamps. I am working on some speakers with curved surfaces and am getting close to veneering. We always try to bend thin mdf with veneer already hot pressed on, but sometimes we need to glue just veneer onto the curved part.

Additionally, a 20 mil veneer is often used on curved projects. The radius is 3 1/8″. The drawer fronts are curved up and down like a cylinder laying on it’s side.

They are in great condition, not scratches or dents, but i hate black ash. This will maximize its effectiveness. We have been using yellow woodworkers glue and putting a thin layer on the veneer and on the substrate, then iron it on.

Set the broken veneer carefully into place, matching the edges exactly, and press firmly to knit the broken edges together. I want to vacuum veneer the concave surface of the door with crotch mahogany. Apply psa backed wood veneer to exposed end.

How to apply wood veneer to curved surfaces. This works ok, but on wide pieces of veneer it tends to crack the veneer. Be sure to mix the adhesive thoroughly before applying it.

I have actually had better luck on concave surfaces with no form or platen in the bag, just a bending ply caul rather than with form and veneer between the substrate. Line it up along one edge and apply heat and steady pressure to melt the glue. Either apply veneer to these edges once the panels have been glued up, or make solid edging the same thickness as the inner core and apply it to the edges of the inner core before applying the face veneers.

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Allow the finish ample drying time, usually 24 hours, and then continue on with the veneer application. Students will participate in creating one large project panel, with decorative veneering. First, you soak the veneer in a mixture of water, glycerine, alcohol and glue.

Plain sliced veneer with no paper or adhesive backing is the most straightforward example, and is most useful for veneering flat surfaces. All joints are dovetailed, the front ones being half blind. Firmly press the veneer down with a wood block (it will be too hot to touch with your hands) until the glue sets.

The techniques each student will learn can be applied onto any veneered cabinet or furniture project and will open up a whole new way of thinking and working big. The sides are one big curve, but continuous and only curved in one direction. Please take your time during the push.

The addition of water to the veneer causes excessive expansion of the wood cells which can cause the veneer to split later in the day as the moisture evaporates from the saturated wood cells. The best way to apply the veneer in your situation would be to make a solid piece of wood that matches the exact curves as the clock. Keep in mind that the 10 and 20 mil thickness is a reference to the thickness of the paper.

Veneer can have a tendency to curl up when it is placed on the wet glue layer on the substrate. Hints, tips and recommendations on best practice when bonding veneers to a curved surface. The bottom is solid wood and slides in from the back.

I put a lot of effort into these and paid a fairly significant sum. Center the selected pattern section over the substrate panel and apply the contact cement, following the manufacturer's instructions, to both the veneer and the substrate. Paul will demonstrate how to apply big size veneer onto flat or curved surfaces successfully.

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Lignaflex is a fully flexible veneer sheet laminated with a strong impregnated backing paper which can be shaped to curved surfaces easily, without the need for specialist skills or equipment opening up design concepts not possible with traditional veneering processes. The dimensions are 20.5″ wide x 19.5″ deep x 4.5″ high. However, my understanding is that contact cement is not a good idea for veneering as the cement can shift over time causing cracks in the veneer.

In this case, you apply the sides and front first, trim that flat to the top, and then apply the top. Glue the piece of veneer on using yellow wood glue titebond ii you will glue up your piece of veneer oversized in length and width apply the veneer and then take the solid piece of wood you made to fit the. Cut a piece of veneer slightly longer than the section of plywood that you’re covering.

Third, apply the veneer in such a sequence so you facilitate overlap of faces. How do i remove old or damaged veneer? Ok, i bought a pair of b&w 805s in black ash.

Yes, if the old veneer is still viable and is still adhered to the substrate. A handheld roller is not suitable for applying veneer. Anyone have any idea of the best way for me to apply the veneer to the curves?

I have read about filling a pillow case with. Then apply contact cement to both surfaces, or spread carpenters' glue on the base wood. Ureka moment #3 | which adhesives to use for bonding veneer to curved surfaces, along with hints and tips to ensure an excellent bond.

Can i apply a new veneer to a surface that already has veneer on it? Do not spray the face side of the veneer with water to counteract the curling. The method i like the best if it can work for your application is to veneer 1/8 bending ply flat in the bag, sand it, then press it to your curved substrate or ribbed form.

If you plan to veneer on an unfinished wood surface or plywood it is recommended that you first seal the surface with a coat of varnish, shellac or polyurethane finish. Fit the broken edges carefully together to make sure they match perfectly. The radius of the curves are around 6' and the approximate dimensions of the curved surfaces are about 18×12 for two speakers and 36×12 for the center speaker with the width of each speaker tapering from front to back.

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Use a wet towel and an iron. Using hydraulic pressure for applying veneer is a reliable method, but the presses can be time consuming and unwieldy to use. Trim the overhang with a file.

Begin by making the “staging board.” you’ll glue the veneer on this board first, so it should be made from a wood that’s stable, bends easily and is nice to resaw. I need to know whether i should place the door directly into the vacuum bag or should i construct a contoured platen and sandwich the veneer between the. Then you clamp it in a makeshift press for a day or so.

Apply heat to the old veneer through the towel using the iron. Im building a federal style sideboard with inwardly curved doors. The front is solid mahogany with a bookmatched crotch mahogany veneer.

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